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How it all works. . .

DateSter was designed to be “It’s All About The Date”.  The primary focus is to make dating easy, fun and less stressful.  DateSter’s are required to deliver exactly on The Date That They Posted. The Date That is Posted is the Date that is Expected.

The date must be specific in name, location and expectation. The reason is to overcome the pre-date anxiety’s that most DateSter’s feel.  It eliminates the following questions; “Where do you want to go?”, “What do wear?”, “How much money do I need for the date?” and “How much time is needed?”.

Our platform doesn’t care about what you do for a living, education, hobbies, car you drive or other questions other services use. We are all about the date, the city and state location.  Now you have something to openly discuss during your date.  No prejudging on DateSter, just go out and have some fun!  Remember It’s All About The Date™.

Our Simply stated overview, the App is free to download, sign up and review dates. The DateSters post up Specific Dates and Specific City and State where the date will take place for a fee, the person posting the date has the ability to accept or reject the person wanting to go on that date.

Once the date is accepted, then the date is removed from the profile, both DateSters receive notification of acceptance, then both DateSters have access to a private Internal Chat component to continue onward to setting up the “Exact Date” that was offered.    Simply put our mission statement is our trademark “It’s All About The Date™ “.

Example Dates:

  1. Meet for coffee at Starbucks at Fashion Show Mall, rent a scooter, drive the Las Vegas Strip and see the Water Fountain Show at the Bellagio and finish the date with Dinner at Joe’s Seafood Prime Steak and Stone Crab at The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace. Date Location: Las Vegas, NV

(258 Characters)

  1. Meet at ShowTime at AMC Town Square 18, Blue Martini Town Square for appetizers., finish the date at EYECANDY SOUND LOUNGE at Mandalay Bay Casino. Date Location: Las Vegas, NV

(178 Characters)

  1. Rent Desert Sand Buggies from Sun Buggy of Las Vegas and Dinner at Metro Pizza Tropicana. Date Location: Las Vegas, NV

(92 Characters)

The Process. . .

Once the App is downloaded to your device, the following are the steps to become a DateSter:

  1. The user must answer the 10 quick questions for your health and wellness profile evaluation. When you complete the 10 questions, a “View Results” Button appears.  Press the View Results and you see your result for Health, Wealth and Happiness.
  2. Click on the “Join Now” Button. click “Create New Account”, complete all the data fields accurately; valid email address, password, confirm password and full name, click “Create Account” Button. You will be immediately logged into your own private dashboard inside the app.

Dashboard Feature Buttons

Sign Out

  • Sign Out Button Logs you out of the dashboard, otherwise you will always stay logged in. When you clear the app screen, then press the DateSter Icon and get logged back in.  When you press the Sign Out Button, you have to go through the 10 questions to get to the Sign in Button.  Enter email address and password to log back in.


  • Credits Button is the place you purchase more credits, which enables you to post up your dates at a cost of 1 Credit per posted date.

My Profile

  • My Profile allows you to edit your 10 questions answers and update your information. Also it allows you to add 3 profile pictures. Press the “+ Symbol”, this will activate your phone’s camera so you may add real time photos to your profile.

Create Date

  • Create Date Button provides a 250-character field to input your offered date and a drop down menu to select your city and state where the date is being offered. Remember the date that is offered is the date that is expected.

Find Date

  • Find Date Button allows you to search for dates based upon all the 10 questions data including city and state from the Create Date field.

My Dates

  • My Dates Button controls and notifies all of your date activity. The first notable feature is the counter on the upper right hand side of the My Date Button. This counter shows you the actions that need to be addressed inside the My Dates Button.  Press the My Dates Button to open up access to your posted dates and communication with other DateSters.
  • Click on My Date Button. This is where you can view all your posted dates activity, with the most current activity is at the top of your screen.  There are 2 primary components listed, the first being your Posted Dates showing who is interested in the date, you will see a red circle with a letter i in the middle to notify that there is an action needing attention.
  • Second component area displays any accepted dates with any chat communication activity displayed with a white circle with a red number in the middle. This component has an internal Chat component that opens up with the acceptance of the date. The Chat does not display any personal information.  You are responsible for your own personal information given.

Thank you for choosing DateSter™ where It’s All About The Date™