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We are now in the App Stores after months of working with Trademarks, Apple and Google refinements.  The DateSter™ Mobile Dating App hits the market running with a clean interface and simple concept.  The main focus of this mobile application is to remove most of the anxiety and stress wrapped around the dating process.  Post up your specific dream date, impulsive date or a date solely wrapped around your own personal style.  Be specific, because that is what is going to give your date the most attention and make more users interested in going out on that date.


DateSter™ Experience

DateSter ™ can be for just coffee, maybe looking for a new  business venture over lunch, something athletic or something more!

This mobile experience offers you the opportunity to engage in the things you want to do and mostly to be YOU!

Maybe you are not looking for Love or maybe you are not.  Maybe you are just looking for LIFE Experiences!  This multi-platform mobile application can be the connection to whatever you want it to be.   Be curious, experiment, be a DateSter™.


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