Today’s Dating Challenges

The methodology or process of connecting in the modern era has changed dramatically, causing Dating Challenges, but the bottom line is you still are meeting face to face in the end. Relationships can be virtual in some cases.  Real people want real life interaction, for a few hours, day, week, month or a lifetime. Dating Read more about Today’s Dating Challenges[…]

New Mobile Dating App for Everyone

DateSter™ Brand DateSter™, is a trademarked protected mobile app built for the dating space.  This brand new app for mobile dating that displays your specific date opportunity to individuals by city and state directory. The App offers your specific date opportunity to people who you may want to experience your best date offering with. DateSter™ Read more about New Mobile Dating App for Everyone[…]

Download Now Available in App Stores

We are now in the App Stores after months of working with Trademarks, Apple and Google refinements.  The DateSter™ Mobile Dating App hits the market running with a clean interface and simple concept.  The main focus of this mobile application is to remove most of the anxiety and stress wrapped around the dating process.  Post Read more about Download Now Available in App Stores[…]